January 22, 2006

about MQL

— cwage @ 10:39 pm

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Welcome to My Quiet Life! A brief tour of what this site is all about is below, provided in convenient FAQ-style format, even though these questions are not, in fact, frequently asked:

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Chris Wage. I live and work in downtown Nashville, TN. I am a professional nerd, and I take a ton of pictures.

Q: What is this blog all about?

A: Well, whatever I want it to be. I write about things that fall in the intersection of things that I find interesting and things that I think other people will find interesting. That is to say, I am not "writing this blog for me", but I am not an attention-whore either. Most of my focus tends to be on music and political/sociological debate. I used to focus quite a bit on nerdier computer-type things, but I have mostly outsourced that to my company's blog.

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