OMG. Did you hear about this? There's little point in speculation on what actually happened in this "story" until all the facts are in, but the speculation, lies, and rhetoric in the post and comments are already ridiculously hilarious.

My take/guesses:

  • The child is in 5th grade, so around, what, 9 years old? Have you ever seen a 9 year old biking on a road? They are like fearless psychotic demons with an inner-ear infection. It's a frightening thing.
  • The cop probably took the kid home because he was genuinely afraid that the kid was gonna become a stain on the road (and he was probably right).
  • No one was arrested.
  • The police representative claiming that DCS should get involved is an idiot (if they did, as the mother claims).
  • Anyone letting their 5th grader bike on roads in Tennessee is probably an idiot, too, but sadly, idiocy is not a dealbreaker for parenthood. (usually it's a prerequisite.)
  • Bill Hobbs' phone interview (in the comments) reads like a spectacularly executed attempt to cherrypick the statements to reinforce the aforementioned idiotic DCS comment, even though they probably didn't, at all.
  • Now that this has hit instapundit, we can expect the comment thread to reach epic levels of stupidity.

Yes, folks: because this poor cop tried to keep a kid from getting killed, he's "drunk with power" and needs to be fired. This is the next great battle against the police state. Not, you know, the countless daily deadly drug raids, creepy collusion between the state and media, and an ever-expanding military industrial complex. My suggestion: ignore that blog post, and this one, and move on.

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  • Travis Black

    My favorite part was the grammar in the blog post.

  • Aunt B

    Well, at least Bill Hobbs has moved on from pushing his wife around to trying to push cops around.

  • Matt

    My kids will bike to school starting in fourth grade.

    Kids are usually ten years old when they start fifth grade.

  • Michael Chaney

    The cop needs to be fired and prosecuted.  I rode my bicycle around when I was 9 years old, and the world was statistically a far more dangerous place then.

    Note that DCS is making a visit according to the mother.  She is absolutely right to be angry about this, even if it doesn’t rise to the level of swat raids.

    I guess you don’t have kids, but, trust me, instincts kick in in a situation like this.

  • Anonymous

    Jeez why did I take the bait and look at that thread? WHY? And do people still read Reynolds? Mr Chaney the officer was well within his discretionary power. A visit from CPS doesn’t automatically mean a child will be taken away. There is this thing called due process that acts as a buffer.

    My wife commented that it is unlikely an inner city (shall we say not White) child would not have been privy to such concern by the gendarmes.

  • days out for kids

    That i require any lure and show for the fact that thread? SO WHY? Together with undertake consumers also look over Reynolds? Mr Chaney any representative was initially good throughout this discretionary ability. A vacation with CPS is not going to easily lead to kids shall be taken away. There does exist the idea identified as anticipated progression the fact that behaviors as the stream.

  • Tish

    If a citizen did this they would get 50 years.
    If a cop does it they get a medal.

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