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Okay, I was just gonna let sleeping dogs lie with this whole Tyson food/refugees/immigrants/etc thing, but this is just too hilarious to let pass. Just read this. In short, Brian Mosely is a reporter with the Times-Gazette in Shelbyville, following the uh "Somalian Question", I guess, in Shelbyville. Brian seems like an astute guy, and a decent reporter, and I even mostly agree with a lot of what he has to say about our refugee/immigration policy. A lot of the situations these people find themselves in do indeed resemble indentured servitude -- but in a metaphorical sense, at best. These days, the manacles are economic and structural, but more on that later. The part where he goes off the rails is towards the end:

I also have to say that I do not feel that I am "obsessed" or "fixated" with the topic of Somalis living here, as one blogger believes. The refugees have lived in Shelbyville for the past four years, and no one has even addressed the issue until the T-G published the series in December of last year.

I would also have to suggest that the blogger's opinion is quite possibly influenced by the fact that she makes her living by working with the Nashville refugee community, as she states on one of her other websites.

Aside from the fact that the second link was a link to Christy's myspace page (which strikes me as a somewhat unexpected, unprofessional and vindictive swipe at her personal life -- especially given the, uh, "eccentricity" of the commenters focusing on this issue), let's focus on what he's actually implying here: that Christy has a vested interest in refugees coming to this country because she works in social work. Let that sink in for a minute. Are you done laughing hysterically yet? I'll wait. Come on, collect yourself. Okay, now read these comments:

So, you are basically stating that Christy works for the Refugee program in Nashville and profits from their plight? Heh, no wonder she defends it.

-- Posted by Evil Monkey on Sun, Aug 3, 2008, at 4:01 PM

"Only in it for the rain."

I think she means MONEY!
-- Posted by Disgusted on Sun, Aug 3, 2008, at 4:26 PM

You can't make this shit up. Social work: where all the scum and villainy of this earth goes to make a quick buck. I mean seriously. I have a lot of friends that are working with immigrants and refugees in particular. It's insanely hard work with shit pay. I'd be offended on their behalf if it wasn't more hysterical than it is offensive. The idea that anyone take a job like that for the money is so laughably idiotic that it borders on sheer insanity.

The Times-Gazette is doing a fine job of reporting on this issue, but I'd advise Mr. Mosley to lay off the personal redirection and speculation. I get the impression he's imagining he's on the cusp of some pulitzer-winning expose of a grand conspiracy of charities to bring refugees into this country. Or something. He's either doing so out of ignorance to the economic complexity and sheer magnitude of the situation or he's being willfully naive in order to, as Christy suggested, stir up controversy with the local yokels (which he certainly has).

Stick to calling for reform, avoid insinuating vested interest and conspiracy on behalf of the organizations trying to help these people. Someone might mistake you for an insane person.

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  • Brain Mosely

    Chris, I do not consider it a personal attack to point out that a person criticizing me about my coverage of this topic is actually professionally involved in the subject in question. Some might claim she has a “conflict of interest,” although I do not see it that way. She made some very good points in her post, but I feel she should have revealed her involvement in the business of refugee resettlement from the beginning. It likely would have given more weight to her argument if she had, since she apparently has personal experience with the refugee issue.

    I also do not feel I went “off the rails” by addressing this since my former editor has already taken issue with her comments on her blog post in question. She questioned my motives for doing these stories. It is only fair that readers take an objective look at hers.

  • http://kynn.com/ Kynn

    She questioned my motives for doing these stories. It is only fair that readers take an objective look at hers.

    Uh, dude, journalistic ethics don’t work that way.

    Seriously, it’s not “only fair” unless you are also going to, say, publish whatever she writes in your paper.

    Going after bloggers because they dared to question something you wrote in print — without meeting some impossibly arbitrary requirements for “disclosure” — is, indeed, off the rails. And embarrassing to see from someone who is (according to all reports) a good journalist engaging in such petty and ridiculous nonsense.

    It’s as absurd as if I were to claim that you’re making money off the suffering of Somalis — because you get paid to write stories about them, right? And nobody would read your Somali stories if they weren’t here and suffering, right? It’s about that silly, Brain Brian.

  • http://www.bedfordtn.com The Eyes of Bedford

    Chris, If you knew anything you were talking about locally here in Shelbyville TN, You might know what Brian is talking about but since you clearly don’t. You best course of action would be to do your research before taking the high road to Africa.
    Christy works for a corrupt organization. Did you not read any of the articles? You have actually stated it is perfectly fine for charities to profit nicely while making local small town governments hospitals and welfare programs pay for all of the refugees “issues”. There is PLENTY of proof of this is going on, and yet you state it is pure speculation?
    You don’t know what you are talking about so please just keep out of it, you can’t win without knowledge of this topic and you clearly don’t have any.
    Myspace is public domain, law enforcement uses it, the public uses it and even all MAJOR news corporations use it. Nancy Grace used it not even 5 days ago when showing the kidnapping/murder case with the 2 year old child. But now you condemn 1 person for using it in his investigation?


    What are you motives of attack on Brian? How are you related?

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    Yeah, Kynn. How did you stumble across this “Internet”?? STATE YOUR BUSINESS!! Careful, the Eyes of Bedford are watching!!

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  • http://www.bedfordtn.com The Eyes of Bedford

    Thanks for reaffirming your opinion of the matter, it shows you have so much ignorance on the matter that you couldn’t answer the simple questions I had. Instead of you attack anyone that does think as you do. Good luck on your endeavors of achieving a quiet life in Mecca.

  • http://megaphonic.wordpress.com megaphonic

    eyes of bedford, i would like to see some of this plentiful evidence of catholic charities being a “corrupt organization.” please supply some of this proof so that we may know that YOU in fact know what you are talking about rather than simply being an insular reactionary xenophobe as current evidence suggests.

    also, the issue is not that that myspace is somehow private. the issue is that, as a professional dealing with another professional, he should not have linked to a personal site, but rather a professional site such as catholic charities or even her blog where the issues were raised. the link to myspace is a personal jab that smacks of petty, childish petulance and is unacceptable from a journalist of Brian’s caliber.

  • http://www.bedfordtn.com The Eyes of Bedford

    Did you not read the other links in his blog? There is more than plenty of links there pointing to them. How about the proof in Hagerstown, The catholic organization in RICHMOND, VA drove 3.5 hours out of their way to resettle Bantu and other various refugees in Hagerstown, MD. There was NO support system for these refugees in Hagerstown by the Catholic organization that dropped them off there. Why didn’t they keep them in Richmond, VA where they would have support? WHY did they insist taking them over the state lines and dropping them in an absolute smaller town then Richmond?

    The Refugee program in Nashville which is funded by the Catholic Coalition has numerous failings of the same caliber, so to state this is a mere coincidence is saying the Pope lives in China. It seems you are speculating on how Brian is speculating but I have not seen ONE ounce of evidence to support your claim as he has posted links to support his.

    Now before you try to refute my charges or claims, I have been to Hagerstown, MD and seen firsthand where these refugees were placed and how much many was claimed by the Catholic organizations involved. But to ask me for proof is like me leaking my story to you before it is printed and revealing my source, which I will not do until I break the story on my site.

    Who cares if it was linked to her myspace? Every single new agency does it and so does law enforcement entities.

  • http://megaphonic.wordpress.com megaphonic

    ah, i see now. this is about breaking a story on your site. gotcha. i wouldn’t try to refute your charges or claims, eyes. i am fully willing to admit the possibility that you know better than me in this case. but you are being a bit reactionary. you say that you’ve not seen “ONE ounce of evidence to support your claim” but i’ve not made any claims, simply asked for clarification and support for your claims.

    and “everyone does it” is your defense? that’s your justification? seriously? “if everyone else jumped off a bridge…” that defense doesn’t hold up in the court and it doesn’t hold up in the kitchen as my beloved southern grandmother would say.

    talk about a slippery slope. i just miss good, solid, professional journalism. haven’t seen much of that in this country of late. it truly makes me sad. ah, well. if “every single news agency does it” i guess it’s gotta be the proper way for professionals to comport themselves.

    i’m not naive enough to believe that journalists were ever truly impartial but i sure do miss the pretense.

  • http://www.bedfordtn.com The Eyes of Bedford

    No you mega, referring to Chris about the claims, my mistake. Btw I like the layout of your wordpress blog, did you design it or was it a preset template? Btw you can email me at eyes@bedfordtn.com. I will answer you via my pda. Only certain blog setups work on my phone and this one seems to not want to format correctly. I might need to upset the phones internal browser.

  • http://tinycatpants.wordpress.com Aunt B.

    My favorite thing about all this nonsense is all the people insisting that Christy was somehow hiding her connection to refugee resettlement and Brian was doing the work of the Truth in revealing it, when she says right on her blog what her job is. Somehow, because folks can’t be bothered to read, Brian has made some grand discovery. Well, Chris, in that spirit, I’d just like to say that I’m on to you. Though you don’t disclose it here, I know you walk around Nashville taking pictures. Now, people can decide for themselves if you have a pro-Nashville bias that you’ve kept hidden.

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