parks and crime: a modest proposal

So, I'm watching all the (deserved) turmoil over the rape in the bicentennial mall and the lack of regular patrolling there. (See S-Town Mike for good coverage of this.)

I've also been observing the treatment of the Church Street Park and their efforts to remove the homeless uh birds. (See Kevin for more on this.), which has resulted in a marked increase in police presence, as well as an army of Downtown Partnership Segway-ed "safety ambassadors".

It seems the solution here is obvious. We need to get more homeless people hanging out in the bicentennial mall. Evidence suggests that this would have it staffed and patrolled in short order.

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  • BenB

    I did ask MNPD to increase security in and around Bicentennial Mall after the rape. I also know they received at least one similar request from a resident in East Nashville who posted her letter of concern on the EN Crime board. I can’t confirm if they’ve taken any action or not, as I don’t frequent Bicentennial as much in the colder months. I hope the incident was as isolated as the police claim. My wife and I were married in the amphitheater; and if there’s any kids in our future, we hope the park will be a safe place to take them.