October 25, 2012


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Today's entry in "random history tidbits I found while nursing a crippling sinus infection headache":

A doctor advertising the cure of onanism (masturbation) practiced on "North Cherry Street" -- now 4th Ave:

Onanism or Self Abuse.

How many parents have seen the reason of a gifted son go to ruin; have seen him fade away from their homes, their hearts, and their hearths, like a shadow of evening from the hills, and have turned in tears to the tomb to which he has gone down, in the bloom of, beauty and the meaning of existence, without. once suspecting that the darling hope of their declining years was a victim to a solitary habit, which, alas ! is so common among the young. Let those thus afflicted call on DOCTOR COLEMAN, No. 64 North Cherry street, or address him by letter. Post Office Box 502, Nashville, Tenn.

Now that's what I call ad copy.

April 26, 2009


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Boring bridge engineering stuff.. Compare and contrast:

false creek bridge

False Creek Bridge in Vancouver (pic by tab2space)


Shelby/Sparkman Street Bridge in Nashville

Notice the trusses look nearly identical. I researched it a bit and it looks like ther are just various kinds of truss bridges that were commonly built. This document has this to say about the Shelby street bridge here:

Significance: The bridge possesses state level engineering significance as an example of the through Parker and camelback truss types for its uncommon concrete trusses.

It doesn't seem to bear much resemblance to the example of a Parker truss on the wikipedia page, though.

Anyone know more about this type of truss, or have any other similar examples? I know I've seen examples in other cities that look nearly identical.. I'm hoping Aaron, bridge fanboy #1 will chime in.

November 18, 2008

before and after

Before, courtesy of google's new archive of Life photographs:

And after, courtesy of ME:


I would go try to take a picture of approximately the same angle, but it's 28F out and 10:35PM. I sure do have a lot of pictures of that bridge but none quite from that angle, except maybe this one, which I think was taken with expired film and had a bad scan, or something, because yegods is it terrible.