November 7, 2012

a rare bit of pimping

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I am not sure if I have much of a blog audience left, at this point, but those of you faithful: prepare for me to take advantage of you in pitching something to you!

Local (now, east!) Nashvillian Eric Powell is the mastermind behind the wildly successful and creative comic The Goon. He's teamed up with Blur Studio and David Fincher (yes, THE David Fincher (tm)) to get a movie based on The Goon. They've produced some test footage (seen in the below video), and they are now attempting to raise $400k to produce a feature length story reel for the movie.

Guys, I have seen so many fuckin stupid kickstarter projects funded. If I see another ipod nano hand-carved wood bluetooth watch dongle funded for $5 million and this thing doesn't get funded, I'll be sorely disappointed. The world doesn't need more shit for iphones, but it does need more good movies. Michael Bay's reign of terror cannot stand unopposed. There are 3 days left. Stick your thumb in the eye of both stupid kickstarter projects and Hollywood, and give this project some money. Tell your rich friends.

Kickstarter page for this project is here.

November 14, 2007


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I just finished watching Robert Altman's Nashville. Finally. Holy fuck, what a boring movie. That's two hours of my life I'm never going to get back. What was the point of it? What did I even just watch? It was like a movie about Nashville, filmed in Nashville, written and directed by people that knew nothing about Nashville. And nothing happens. So yeah, I didn't like it.

It was cool to see some old shots of Nashville, though. Got to see my neighborhood in 1975. There was a giant billboard on 1st & Broadway where the flags are now.

March 20, 2007


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So, I saw 300 this weekend. I have no time or energy for a comprehensive review. It was entertaining, as far as movies about one big battle with no real plot to speak of go. It was pornography for everyone: war porn, gay porn, porn for the ladies, porn for the dudes. Mostly it just made me want to go watch Braveheart (which I did, this weekend). A few thoughts, though:

  • It actually did a fair job of being rather historically accurate, plotwise, at least insofar as we actually know what happened at Thermopylae. Unfortunately this is why it was a little boring.
  • It was a little racist. I mean, I realize it's historical fantasy, but the Persians were almost entirely: a) very non-white, b) deformed, c) monster/fantasy creature, d) hideous, e) adrogynous, or f) all of the above. The Greeks, the stalwart defenders and harbingers of modern free society (uhm, right.), on the other hand, were all very white rugged handsome men with flawless abs, long flowing hair, and smart beards. I'm just sayin. Not exactly subtle, guys.
  • The Lord of the Rings called, they want their orcs back.
  • Xerxes I was, in fact, Dhalsim from Street Fighter II. Who knew?