July 13, 2012

daniel tosh still not funny, news at 11

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Jezebel has a decent article about the whole Daniel Tosh thing. (The aforementioned link will explain it if you have no idea what I'm talking about, but long story short: Daniel Tosh made some jokes about rape, got heckled by someone saying rape is never funny, and then made a "joke" about her getting gang-raped.)

I think the Jezebel piece is more or less spot on, but I think the entire article could have been more succinctly written as "be funny". Yes, "only make jokes about rape if they are mocking rape culture and not victims", but that's only one way to go about it, and it's just another way of saying what's important. Which is: be funny. Simply riffing on rape for shock value is not funny, unless you're a developmentally-disabled 13 year old misogynist in the making. They especially whiffed on their justification of Louis CK's joke, which basically boiled down to "well, Louis was making jokes about rape here, but he's funny, so we know he doesn't mean it."

Daniel Tosh's crime wasn't that he made a joke about rape, it was just that he wasn't funny, which is forgivable. Beating the dead horse of the bit and being hostile to a heckler? Maybe less forgivable.

April 14, 2008

april fools day

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So, now that we're 2 weeks out, I can deliver this rant briefly without raining on anyone's parade:

I hate this fucking holiday. I don't hate all pranks, I'm not a spoilsport or a curmudgeon or anything. In fact, Nick got me pretty good at work. It was subtle, and well thought-out. But here's the thing. April Fools' Day encourages a special kind of cretin that never learned the small detail wherein jokes are supposed to be funny. That is, a fucking april fools' joke needs to be remotely plausible AND FUNNY, not just merely ... plausible. That's not funny. That's stupid. It's pretty easy to betray the trust of your common man. It's actually pretty easy, watch: Hey, it's raining out. Just kidding, it's not. Oh shit, I got you good. This is merely an extension of the behaviour in general by people that never really Got humor. You know the people I mean. The guys who in grade school whose idea of humor was to "fuck with you".

Them: Hey, we're out of mayonnaise
Me: Shit, really? I just bought a new jar.
Them: Naw, I'm just fuckin with you. *asinine braying*
Me: ...*
See Farva, Super Troopers for further examples.

These people are the reason that we now have to basically plug our ears and ignore everything and anything we hear on April Fools' Day. Say it with me, people: more funny. I'm still, now, 2 weeks later, reading articles in google reader that are plausible, only to realize it's a lie, because it was posted on April 1. Ha ha. You're a fucking idiot.

February 17, 2006

point break humor

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Via Carneggy:

This NYC theatre group is staging "Point Break Live!", a stage adaptation of the stinker film with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

The brilliance? They grab a random audience member each night to play the Keanu Reeves role, with the person reading their lines entirely off cue cards for the duration of the show.

Can't be a worse performance!

Also, I found this amusing, from the IMDB entry for Point Break:

Plot Outline: An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers who may be surfers.

Greanted it's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I am pretty sure it was unclear whether or not they were bank robbers. It was pretty obvious they were surfers. The giant boards, wetsuits, and "duuuuude"'s are a dead giveaway.