January 20, 2013

a sentence that hayek wrote

— cwage @ 3:35 am

This is not the place to discuss how this change in outlook was fostered by the uncritical transfer to the problems of society of habits of thought engendered by the preoccupation with technological problems, the habits of thought of the natural scientist and the engineer, and how these at the same time tended to discredit the results of the past study of society which did not conform to their prejudices and to impose ideals of organization on a sphere to which they are not appropriate.

This is the sort of sentence that only a native German speaker could write. What the fuck, dude?

  • Andrew Duthie

    I'm disappointed this wasn't from Salma.

  • Steven

    If you are getting in to Hayek, you should really start listening to EconTalk with Russ Roberts and reading his blog http://cafehayek.com/.