blinders ON

So, on any social networking site, people can carry on about a lot of crap I really don't care about. at all. Not you, of course. That other guy. I mean, I didn't know who Lane Kiffin was before yesterday, and I resent the fact that I've unwillingly spent energy exercising even a few braincells learning who he is. It pains me. Luckily, my twitter client of choice, ttytter has built-in filters, enabling me to exact a fair amount of control over what I see -- filtering out the crap I don't care about. Current filters:

filter=/Preds|Predfans|nascar|oscars|AmericanIdol|wwdc|squarespace|followfriday |CMTMA|go+a+l|cbnash|google.*wave|#ifiwasfamous|balloon|titans|movember|Brownlee |CMA|tiger.*woods|#ndfb|gowal\.la|DealsPlus|foursquare|| |#gkffl|formspring|#jobs|Moonsatellite|conan|leno|kiffen|kiffin/i

(Sidenote: the go+a+l regular expression I am particularly proud of.. You have no idea how useful this was during the world cup. Seriously.)

Anyways: Dear facebook, I wish you would implement something like this. Please.

Speaking of facebook, does anyone know if it's possible to "mute" or unsubscribe or otherwise silence a thread you may have inadvertently gotten yourself mixed up in on facebook? I don't mind email notifications from facebook on certain things, but I don't really need to get email notification for the 800 replies to someone's birth announcement because I made the poor decision to "like" that post. Nor do I care to get the 8 million replies to a message sent to me in bulk that I can't in any way unsubscribe to. It's extremely annoying. If I could at least get a "mute this thread" option, I'd be in a much better place.

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  • Shannon

    Have you seen the jwz post on consuming facebook via RSS? If you’ve got a feedreader which lets you filter like TTYtter does, you should be golden.

  • Andrew Duthie

    What if someone says “gooooaaaalll!”? You’re not covering for repeated “l”s at the end, eh?

    And I’d love these filters; but I like the little pictures in all the other Twitter clients… Le sigh.