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  • http://sarcastro.wordpress.com Sarcastro

    The American chick is WAY hotter.

  • http://fortheluv.blogspot.com Emily

    thanks for putting these together.. i love it.

  • http://sobeale.blogspot.com/ Southern Beale

    The American chick is WAY hotter.

    How can you tell?

  • http://jimvoorhies.com jim voorhies

    The more dissimilar our peoples are, the more we also have in common at the very core of our lives. Thank you, Chris.

  • NNG
  • http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com kevin

    It would have been a better juxt if the second picture had been of an Iraqi mother morning the death of her child killed by an American.

  • Doug

    Hey Kevin,
    Kiss my camoflaged ass you liberal piece of sub-human slime.

  • Zippy

    liberal piece of sub-human slime, eh? Your ‘clever’ comment reflects badly on you. Ignorance is a weak retort.

  • Katie

    You never know, maybe she is mourning over the death of her son killed by americans. But that is beside the point. I think the photos are meant show show that despite all the so called “differences” we have, that the war is being fought over, we are all human.