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  • http://cupofjoepowell.blogspot.com Joe P.

    that’s been one of my favorite movies for a long time – simply great performances and so well made you can feel the grime and the depression. i sought out the novel it was based on some years back, and it’s about a thousand times more depressing than the movie. hard to believe, but it really is.

  • http://mushinnoshin.com Jon

    Weird timing, I just saw it for the first time myself a few weeks ago. My review would have been pretty much the same as yours. I thought the little Netflix blurb summed it up perfectly as “absolutely heartbreaking”.

  • http://kateo.livejournal.com/ Kate O’

    I loved that movie.

  • http://familyof7.wordpress.com marsha

    haven’t seen it. Is it more depressing than Brokeback Mountain?

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    I dunno! I still haven’t seen that..

  • http://kateo.livejournal.com/ Kate O’

    I think so. But worth it.

    Brokeback is definitely worth it, too. Chris, say when and we’ll bring our copy over for a movie night.

  • astronomius

    no one should go into “Midnight Cowboy” wanting a “feelgood” movie…

    it’s a stark revelation about the darkness of man throughout the entire 113 minutes, with a little bit of humor and a growing sense of compassion for and between the two main characters.

    and i think it’s weird that people today would compare this to “Brokeback Mountain” when the whole cowboy fantasy/myth is examined for an altogether different reason in “Midnight Cowboy”… the cowboys in “Brokeback…” were obviously supposed to be real cowboys, while “Joe Buck” wants to play and be identified as a cowboy figure.

    it’s interesting; for an alleged dim-wit, he somehow understands the idea of the cowboy-fetish at the same time he wants to play a masculine figure he himself can respect… you know, like John Wayne.

    and it’s highly ironic that the actual John Wayne won the Best Actor award and beat out both Hoffman and Voight, and Voight later said he hoped Wayne would win that award.

    i’m sorry, i’m writing my own review of MC somewhere else, and i have to get a few things out here.