So, Nashville has this hideous sculpture going up (I know that sooner or later I am going to meet the artist that designed it and feel really bad, but c'est la vie). It's a bit of a controversy because the consensus as far as I can tell is that it's uglier than sin, and it cost the city $250K. Chris Chamberlain went and checked it out, and noticed that it's now taking them so long to get the installation up that it's already been tagged.

I think it would be hilarious and ironic if some real graffiti artists got out there and did something cool with it. Like chucked it into the river. Just kidding. Sortof.

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  • Turner

    Wow, that’s… that’s really horribly ugly.
    I mean, just stupendous in the ugly.

    And I don’t say that lightly. There are like whole schools of 1970s public art that are better.

  • http://www.mocker.org/ Kyle Sexton

    Are you sure that you aren’t getting a new roller coaster??

  • http://www.vestasix.com Louis

    “A renowned artist with site-specific installations all over the world, Aycock has developed a deep body of work that uses the iconography of steel and machinery to explore the ways people respond to the interaction of art, architecture and raw materials.”

    Don’t worry, guys. It’s not a bunch of leftover junk from a construction site. It’s the iconography of leftover junk from a construction site.

    I applaud the way modern artists are always “exploring” things, and I believe that we could all take cues from them. The other day I blew a presentation with an important client, but when I told my boss that I was only exploring the ways the client responded to some stuff, he gave me a raise. I now plan to buy a house which explores the ways materials such as roofs and walls interact together.

    I, for one, declare $250,000 to be such a paltry sum for this fine exploration as to be almost insulting to the artist.

    My only reservation is with this so-called “deep body of work” the artist has “developed.” This has a ring of being slightly lascivious, and I am totally against anything which would lead someone into temptation.

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  • http://mrs-scarborough.livejournal.com Sara

    I just got a lenticular post card inviting us to the grand unveiling of this. I can’t say I’m impressed myself, but I’m withholding judgement until I can see it in person. Big sculpture like that can be different when viewed at size and on location.

  • http://www.tnguy.com Tennessee Guy

    Nashville already has the most hideous sculpture in the state. I’m talkin’ about the plasticized version of Nathan Bedford Forrest that sits along I-65. Nothing can top that one.