July 10, 2007


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I flip out about the downtown partnership forum on pan-handling I went to last night, and then calm down a bit.

I am beginning to think it's true what the rest of the world says about Americans. We've become a nation of inveterate cry-babies. The quickness with which people seem to be leaping to legislate away behaviour that offends or scares them is truly frightening. I may have more to say about this when I have more free time.


(Get it? PANdemic?)

  • http://gingersnaps.wordpress.com Ginger

    I got it! Good one. :)

  • http://st_rev.livejournal.com/ t. rev

    I don't think that's what the rest of the world says about Americans.

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    It is -- I asked them.

  • http://livejournal.com/~the_A_frame aaron

    well, when I was out of the country I more often heard them call us "fat and loud", but the cry-baby thing was kinda understood I think...

  • Louis

    Your comments offend and scare me. I'm reporting you to the local branch of HUAC or TIPS or whatever it's called now.

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    The best would be to report me to ICE -- they have these awesome black t-shirts and they report to the department of homeland security.

  • Louis

    Dang, you can gets one of them black t-shirts? I'm gonna report myself.

  • http://theogeo.blogspot.com Lindsey

    There's a lot of handwringing about Memphis' downtown PANdemic, too. Which, I guess, is an improvement over all the problems downtown had just a few years ago. There are a couple of good posts about downtowners growing thicker skin here, if you're interested.

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    Great post -- thanks!