superbowl booing

Please tell me that Muhsin Muhammed didn't just get booed because his last name is Muhammed. Please tell me there's some other reason.

UPDATE: Booed again when he scored?

UPDATE 2: As made clear in the comments below, they were yelling his nickname, Moose. Phew.

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  • Gina

    so glad you noticed this too. i was appalled and looking for someone on the internet who heard what I heard. maybe he’s a fierce player who’s fierceness deserves a low baritone emittance. Oh please let that be true…

  • Declan

    I think they did but it has been pointed out to me that his nickname is “Moose” which could, possibly, maybe, be what was shouted.

  • Chris

    Ah, I hope so!

  • Julia

    I’m actually a bit relieved that there are Americans who’ve heard this too. My husband and I were starting to wonder if we were the ones guilty of ignorance for not knowing that the guy was known as “Moose” – we’re British and don’t get to follow the season too closely. But I don’t remember hearing the “sss” sound that would have followed on from the booing sound if they were saying “Moose”.

  • S-townMike

    Bears fans (most of the audience there is rooting for Chicago) yell “Moose” whenever Muhammed is showcased, as has been the case every Bears game I’ve watched this year. Similarly, New Orleans fans yell “Dooce” whenever Saints’ back Deuce McAlister does well. You can bet with egos that football players have, Muhammed would be raising all kinds of hell if he were getting booed, especially when he is doing well.

  • Chris

    Aha.. good..

  • Rex Hammock

    It’s like at a Titans game when Dreeeewwww is yelled when Drew Bennett catches a pass. There’s even a commercial in which Peyton Manning watches a moving crew lose control of a piano — “They’re not yelling, boo, says Manning. They’re saying “moooovers.” Another thing about football fans: They are extremely tolerant of diversity when it involves someone who can catch passes like Mushin Muhammed.

  • Ariah Fine

    I was wondering the exact same thing at the beginning of the game. But I figured it out the second time around.

    Glad that got cleared up.

  • James Kiley

    His first name is in fact “Muhsin,” not “Mushin,” and it is pronounce Moo-sin. That is what they are hollering.

  • jenny g

    PHEW! i was disgusted when his named was called during the intros and everyone booed. my mom and i instantly had a feeling that it was because of his last name, but prayed we were wrong. another event that day had already begun my pessimism concerning the intolerance of americans, for me. directly afterward, i got onto google to see if there were any live forums where anyone had said anything – no luck. so this morning, i typed in: muhammed booed super bowl, and found this. THANKS 😀

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  • CeeElCee

    I swear I thought they were yelling, “Jeeeewwwwww!” So you can imagine how confused I was…

    It’s always weird when the fans are split 50/50 and spread out all over the stadium at the Super Bowl.. none of the cheers sound right.

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  • Sarcastro

    This has to be the funniest bit of bed-wetting liberal hand-wringing ever.

  • Chris

    My access logs and the sheer volume of people searching for super+bowl+booing+muhsin are evidence alone that this was not a localized, liberal phoenomenon. It was an understandable mistake.

  • Roger Abramson

    You overstate it. It’s only evidence that it wasn’t a localized phenomenon, not that it’s not a liberal phenomenon. This is about as funny as Jerry Falwell going after Tinky Winky a few years back.

  • Kat Coble

    With all the real injustice in the world it seems kind of odd to me to get worked up over a perceived injustice done to a man who has enough fuck-you money to buy and sell pretty much everyone in the ‘audience’.

  • Brad Steinberg

    I think they booed Muhummad because his name sounds Muslim. He’s actually a christian.

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