Glen Dean makes an attempt to paint the protestors in Los Angeles as anti-American, or as an invading force, or .. something:

If these immigrant protesters were trying to get support for their movement, I think they made a serious error in judgment. Being descendants of immigrants ourselves, most Americans are generally sympathetic to the immigrant who is "just trying to make a better life". But when individuals, who are in this country illegally, hold mass demonstrations, making demands, while waving the flag of their native country, the sympathy is "considerably less so".

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words:

LA demonstrators

LA demonstrators

LA demonstrators

LA demonstrators

LA demonstrators

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  • http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/bdaz01/saveournation/dscn0820.jpg Heartwarming Picture

    Another wonderful picture is linked to my name.

  • http://tinycatpants.blogspot.com Aunt B.

    It almost makes you want to go around and collect links to all the bloggers who complain about waving the flags of foreign countries just to have them handy for the next round of “Why can’t they fly the Confederate flag over [whatever government building]?”

  • http://www.MushinNoShin.com Jon

    Heartwarming Picture: that is f-ing beuatiful!

  • http://st_rev.livejournal.com/ t. rev

    Er…one way to read those signs is as an implicit claim that Los Angeles is part of Mexico, or a mythical Greater Mexico. Google “Aztlan”.

  • http://mission.squarespace.com [rhymes with kerouac]

    Being the urbanistas that we are, my wife and I spent our honeymoon in NYC. We did all the tourist stuff, rode the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty. You know what blew me away about that? The statue is facing out to sea, facing out upon the ‘nations’. I didn’t know that, was stunned by the implication, by the power of the symbol, a torch held aloft to the world.

    Wither America?

  • http://chris.quietlife.net Chris

    Heh. Because, that’s heritage not hate!!

  • http://st_rev.livejournal.com/ t. rev

    Actually, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw “heartwarming picture”: there was a whiff of something similar to Confederate revivalism there.

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