I love guacamole. I mean, given the opportunity, I will eat it, in almost all of its forms.

But when it comes to making guacamole at home, I am a purist. Ingredients:

  • Avocado, mashed

Salt to taste. I like cilantro and I like lime. I don't think they have any place in guacamole. In fact, I am not sure that my ideal conception of guacamole really qualifies as guacamole, since it's not much of a mole at all. It's just mashed avacado.

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  • cathy

    Amanda makes the best guacamole ever!

  • Bob K

    My wife and I have long shared a private joke about “guacamole.” The poolside cafe at the hotel where we stayed on our honeymoon in Mexico had a menu that was printed in Spanish on one side, English on the other. However, one of the items on the menu made no sense in English: “chips with avocado mousse.” I thought to myself, surely they didn’t translate “guacamole” into its English literal equivalent. I flipped the menu over to see, that in fact, they had. Apparently they didn’t know that in English, it’s also “guacamole.”